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Confessions of an Orange County Personal Training Renegade

Select Orange County residents wanted for intense personal fitness training workouts. Higher than average rates. Grueling exercises. Must give 100% during every workout. No complainers allowed.

What's in it for you?
An extremely attractive lean, toned and fit body


Hi I'm Chris, owner of Orange County's Positively Fit Personal Fitness Training. I used to be really fat, had a big old gut, mushy arms, legs of a man twice my age, and no energy. I was a pants size 44, weighed in at well over three hundred and fifty pounds, wore 5xl tee shirts and had zero confidence.

That's me:

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I went from being 143lbs pounds overweight to being lean and mean. How'd I do it? I studied hard and I worked hard. I studied to learn what works, applied it in the gym and I persisted. I rarely missed a workout, I ate 90 percent perfect, I focused on what I wanted to look like and decided to let nothing get in my way.

I took what works, separated from all the lies out there, created the best damn program around, systemized the program, and then hired a team of the hardest working personal trainers in any Orange County health club today. Soon we developed an unparalleled following in Orange County and became known as Orange County's most in demand Personal Fitness Training team.

We change lives all over The OC with Orange County weight loss and Personal Fitness Training workouts, but or program is definitely not for everyone. We are very serious about getting you the body you want so please, only call if you're serious as well.

  • We are not here to pamper you, wipe your brow, listen to your family problems, fetch your weights or walk you to your car
  • We are not here to be your psychologist or therapist, that's what therapists are for; we're here to train you. If you need someone to listen to your problems for an hour look in the phone book under "Psychologists" or "Therapists"
  • We are not physical therapists
  • We are not salesman
  • We are not Pilates instructors
  • We are not here to show you how buffed you are or impress you with our physiques
  • We are not egotistical know-it-all's pretending to have all the answers- we do know what it takes to get you into shape though
  • We are not a quick-fix solution - getting into shape is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes months, doesn't come in a liquid or pill form and can't be bought from an infomercial.
  • We are not going to put you on a stationary bike or treadmill for forty five minutes and call it a workout- you don't need a trainer for that. We'll take you through trainer-instructed functional entire-body routines. You'll lift weights, use your own body weight as resistance and you'll be working your butt off
  • We are not the cheapest personal fitness training service in Orange County CA. We specialize in results, not being the cheapest around town. However our prices are very competitive- you can call (800) 310-5062 to find out our current rates. If rock bottom rates are the most important thing to you in a personal training program there are plenty of less experienced and effective programs around for cheaper. We're the Rolls-Royce or personal training, not the Walmart
  • We are not a rep counting service - we're here to give you 100% energy, motivation and instruction. We won't just stand there going 1-2-3-4 well, you get the point
  • We don't take complainers - they make for horrible clients and don't get results
  • We are not going to just stand around holding a clip board looking bored
  • We are not for most people - our workouts are just too damn challenging and effective--people without a burning desire to change won't be able to hang
  • We are not for those who will settle for average results

Here's what Positively Fit Personal Fitness Training in Orange County does:

  • We Motivate You - we give you everything we've got to make sure you get unparalleled results and a better body
  • We will keep you accountable - we'll do everything we can to make sure you show up for your workouts. Quite simple if you want to get into shape you've got to show up, otherwise what's the point? If your flakey we're not for you
  • We Guide You - we show you exactly what exercises to do and we make sue you do them correctly, this is extremely important if you want good results

Watch this video to see what kinds of results our clients get:

If you'd like to learn more call us at (800) 310-5062

Orange County Personal Training will help you:

  • Lose unwanted and ugly body fat, lose inches from your waist and lose the unwanted "jiggle"
  • Tone and sculpt muscles - so you can look lean. Nothing looks more impressive than a defined body.
  • Look your best - a fit body is so much more attractive then an out of shape body, but I'm sure you already know that

To learn more go to this link: Orange County Fitness Training

(800) 310-5062

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About Orange County, California
The County of Orange is located in Southern California, and is a tourism hot spot.  With attractions like Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Wild Rivers, The Discovery Science Center, The Orange County Performing Arts Center, The Pond, Verizon Amphitheatre, Angel Stadium, The Balboa Pavilion and countless others, Orange County offers a vast array of things to do for locals and visitors alike.  Many people visit with hopes to see scenery from the hit television shows “The OC”, “Laguna Beach” and “Newport Harbor”.  Many movies and television shows have been filmed in Orange County, such as “That Thing You Do!” with Tom Hanks, “Big Momma’s House with Martin Lawrence and the Coen Brothers film “The Man Who Wasn’t There”, all of which were filmed in Old Town Orange, “Rain Man” with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman had ending scenes shot in Santa Ana, scenes from “Borat” were filmed at the Block at Orange, the 1980’s film “Gleaming the Cube” with Christian Slater was filmed in Anaheim and Irvine,  the Charlie Sheen movie “The Chase” was filmed in Orange County in 1994,  “A Scanner Darkly” was set in Anaheim, “Demolition Man” with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes was set in Irvine, and “The Fast and the Furious” with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker was filmed in Garden Grove.